Council helping residents with their energy costs

In a recent news release, South Hams District Council said:

“Lower income households could save between £220 and £400 a year on energy bills with the support of South Hams District Council.

The Council is helping households across the District improve the energy efficiency of their home and is encouraging residents to check whether they are eligible for an upgrade to their current heating systems and insulation.

The improvements will help lower income households whose homes are in most need of upgrading. They will also help address climate change issues, one of the Council’s top priorities.

Residents who can benefit will have a combined gross household income of less than £31k each year, and are also living in the most poorly performing properties as measured by their Energy Performance (EPC) (D-G properties): and are not heated from the gas grid.

Eligible residents will benefit from a solution for the whole home. This would start with improving the fabric of the home first – increasing insulation, such as exterior wall, cavity wall or loft, and then low-carbon heating such as heat pumps.  Homes will be surveyed, and improvements will be designed specifically for each property’s needs. ”

Further information may be found at: