Our Vision

God calls us and gives us grace to use the gifts He has given us to grow as a loving and Christ-centred people, faithful in worship, rejoicing in differences, open to the gifts of the Spirit and working as His servants in our communities.

God calls us and gives us grace

We will be open to His voice however it may come to us. Through His strength we will do His work.

To use the gifts he has given us

We rejoice in the many gifts that God gives us. We will use our individual and collective talents to reach out, to serve and communicate the Christian faith to others.

To grow as a loving and Christ-centred people

We will grow in our common worship, deepen our understanding of our faith and draw others into our Christian fellowship. We will foster good relations with other Christians in sharing our journey of faith.

Faithful in worship

We worship the one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As the only Anglican Church in East Portlemouth, we will offer worship for all age groups in Liturgy and Sacrament, in Praise and Prayer.

Rejoicing in differences

We acknowledge and value our different experiences of God. This diversity is a strength to be cherished and supported. We will explore and embrace the richness of faith as understood in a variety of ways in the Church. We rejoice that we are loved as we are, with all our imperfections and at every stage of faith, forgiven and enabled to fulfil our potential as His people.