Temporary Alterations to the 3 and 93 Bus Services

Devon County Council’s Integrated Public Transport Manager released the following on 15 December 2023

You may be aware that Dartmouth Hill, Stoke Fleming will be closed from 2nd January to 28rd March 2024 to rebuild a retaining wall, and Church Street (and other adjacent roads) in Modbury will be closed from Monday 8 January until 9 February 2024 to allow South West Water to reline water pipes.  Both of these road closures are on the A379 which is the route for the 93 bus service from Dartmouth to Kingsbridge & the 3 bus service from Kingsbridge to Plymouth.

This will result in considerable impact to these bus services because of the diversionary routes needed to circumnavigate the two road closures.  We have been working closely with Stagecoach to find solutions that mitigate the impacts. Set out below an overview of what will happen through each phase of the closures.

Click here to see the temporary Modbury and Stoke Fleming timetable

Phase 1: 2nd January – 7th January 2024

Stoke Fleming Closure only.

During this phase the 93 bus service will be diverted around Stoke Fleming via Dartmouth – A3122 – Oldstone Cross – Bowden – Strete.

This diversion should not take that much more time over the normal route.  We are anticipating that the bus will broadly remain on time so the timetable will not be altered.  Stoke Fleming will be served with a shuttle bus to Dartmouth, operated by Stagecoach throughout the morning and afternoon.  The shuttle bus is timed to maintain links to education, work, health and shopping needs in Dartmouth.

Phase 2: 8th January – 9th February 2024.

Stoke Fleming and Modbury Road Closure

The 93 will continue on its diversion around Stoke Fleming, but the 3 bus service will also be diverted around Modbury via Harraton Cross – California Cross – B3196 – Kitterford Cross – A3121 – Hollowcombe Cross.

This diversion will take an extra 40 minutes to navigate which will mean the 3 & 93 will have to run to a reduced timetable to accommodate the extra running time.  Within this timetable we have continued to maintain links to education, work, health and shopping needs in Plymouth, Kingsbridge and Dartmouth.  To achieve this, journey times, length of service though the day and the frequency of buses will be impacted.

The Stoke Fleming shuttle bus will continue to operate to Dartmouth and a second shuttle bus from Modbury to Yealmpton will also operate.  This shuttle bus is timed to connect with the 3 bus service at Yealmpton with some journeys extending to and from Plymouth. One journey will also operate to Harraton Cross on school days to ensure students can get to Kingsbridge Community College.

Phase 3: 10th February – 28rd March 2024.

Stoke Fleming Road Closure only.

As per Phase 1, the Stoke Fleming shuttle bus will continue to operate, and the 3 & 93 bus services will revert to their normal timetables.


I hope this briefing provides you with sufficient detail to keep you posted, but should any queries arise please email the Devon Bus Mailbox: devonbus-mailbox@devon.gov.uk

Kind regards

Michael Tucker
Integrated Public Transport Manager
Transport Co-ordination Service
Matford Offices
County Hall
Topsham Road