SHDC issue two statements about waste collection

South Hams District Council issued two statements about waste collection on 26 April 2022.

Council responses to Local Democracy article are as follows:

The first was from Cllr Keith Baldry in response to an incorrect statement about garden waste being suspended again:

South Hams District Council’s Cllr Keith Baldry, Executive Member for Environment, said: “To be clear, the garden waste is not being postponed as suggested in recent newspaper articles. Our contractors FCC Environment are working to mobilise as many rounds as possible on a daily basis and to collect all waste collections as they can with the resources available. Where rounds aren’t able to be sent out, priority will be given to household collections of refuse and recycling collections.

“Before the garden waste service was restarted South Hams asked FCC for an assurance that they had a strong plan to deal with garden waste collections. We were given that assurance.

“Locally our officers continue to challenge FCC daily. Our Leadership Team are meeting with FCC at their highest level to press on them the urgent improvements needed to deliver the quality waste service our residents deserve.”

The second was from Cllr John Birch in response to O & S Committee:

South Hams District Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chairman, Cllr John Birch, said: “Cllr Pennington, at last Thursday’s O&S meeting, sought to raise the issue of the Council’s problems in respect of the waste collection service provided by its contractor, FCC. This item was not on the agenda for discussion and furthermore Cllr Pennington had not made any request to have it dealt with as an urgent item.

“Following the conclusion of the committee’s discussion on the standards of behaviour and conduct expected of councillors Cllr Pennington sought to introduce the issue of waste collection. The Council’s constitution does not allow for such unannounced matters to be introduced or discussed and I was left with no alternative but to ask Cllr Pennington not to continue. Unfortunately, he persisted and I was left with no alternative but to warn him he would be asked to leave the meeting. At that stage he left the meeting.

“To be effective in one’s representation there is a time and place to make one’s voice heard. The meeting on Thursday was not the proper time and place.”