Proposed 18 month temporary road closure

On 24th October 2022, Devon County Council have issued a notice of the temporary prohibition of traffic from Monday 7th November 2022 until Monday 6th May 2024 on the unmetalled, unclassified road (number 302) from the gateway above Waterhead Cottage to the Waterhead Creek Foreshore.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Public Rights of Way on 0345 155 1004

The alternative route is shown in the plan linked below,

  • via road 302, East Portlemouth,
  • road C251 (East Portlemouth to Chivelstone Road),
  • minor road P2710 (Road Junction near Devonshire Bridge to Gullet cross),
  • minor road P2527 (Gullet Cross to Gullet Farm Entrance),
  • unclassified road 301 South Pool,
  • and the unclassified road 302 East Portlemouth and vice versa

East Portlemouth uUCR 302 Closure & Diversion Plan