A Weather Warning from the Salcombe Harbour Authority

From Salcombe Harbour Authority

Whilst we appreciate many boats are now not afloat, if you are still using the harbour or are using a facility within the harbour area please note:

Storm Ciarán is expected to hit the Harbour particularly hard on Wednesday and Thursday, the 1st and 2nd of November, with very strong winds from various directions. Predictions include (as well as the normal prevailing south westerlies) a south-easterly element veering north-westerly, exposing some areas that are normally more sheltered. There will also be larger than forecast tides and heavy rain as the very low pressure passes through. The Met Office have just upgraded their warning for wind to amber, see: Met Office Weather Warnings

Tenders and small vessels still afloat will need to be bailed and empty before and after the storm is due to hit. We have had a tremendous amount of rain in the last few weeks, couple this with strong winds and big tides, there is a high chance of vessels becoming swamped and sinking, which we have already experienced in the last week. Please also check your mooring warps and if you are concerned about your mooring location please contact the Harbour Office. If you have the option to recover your tender ashore, now might be a good opportunity.

If you haven’t checked your vessel recently, please do so before the storm. This includes that your mooring warps are in good condition, your bilges are dry and pumps are working, anything on deck is stowed/secured and any sails/covers are correctly secured, furled or dropped. This also relates to any vessels stored ashore on the boat parks or dinghy racks which need to be secure in their facility, on their trailer or in their cradle.

Some facilities such as Victoria and Batson Pontoons also need to be cleared by their contractual date of November 1st. With this in mind any boats overwintering afloat elsewhere should check they remain correctly insured to be afloat as this is not necessarily standard on an annual policy.

Please take care if you’re out and about during the storm, Salcombe Harbour will be available on VHF Ch14 Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 16:30 but the harbour taxi may not be running if conditions are deemed unsafe.

Salcombe Harbour Authority